A New Sheen: Making Over Your Garage


Are you planning on using your garage as something more than a place to park your car? If so, you won’t be alone. Many people all over the world use their garage as studios, man-caves, hobby places, computer setups, practice spots for music, and so much more.

garage flooring types

No matter what you plan on doing in your garage, you might be considering getting it a bit of a makeover. After all, that drab grey concrete sure is bland to look at, isn’t it?

 Did you know that there are all kinds of garage flooring types that can provide your garage a whole new look, but also make your garage floor more durable from moisture, scuffs, and other little damages that standard concrete flooring endures on a daily basis?

The Different Types of Flooring For Your Garage


Your regular concrete garage floor endures a lot of abuse over its lifetime. Moisture, scuffs, spills, oil drops, and aging can make your garage floor unpleasant to look at. Not to worry, though, because there are two different types of garage flooring that can give a new sheen to your garage:

●    Paint coatings: There are a few kinds of garage floor paint coatings that can be used to give your garage floor a new lease on life, and you can even apply them on your own to save some money. These include epoxy paints, sealers, and floor paints. These types of coatings can be protective against staining, moisture, chemical spills, and more.

●    Concrete floor paint: The least expensive type of coating for your floor, you can either use this paint to touch up damaged parts of your floor or just repaint the whole thing. It’s not as tough as the above option, though, so you may have to touch it up every few years.

If you’re ready to give your garage a new lease on life and make it the man-cave of your dreams, then a great place to start might be to fix the floors up with a new coating of protective paint. Not only will it look great, but it will protect your floor in the long run